Summer is around the corner and with the U.S. experiencing an extreme drought for several years, we are providing several landscape tips for a better summer. 

In extreme temperatures, with the proper landscaping care, summer should not get the best of your landscape this year! 


Mulch is great, especially during a dry and hot summer season. Knowing the type of mulch you are using is beneficial. In many cases, mulch is used to top off the soil in your garden or landscape. Using mulch will allow better water retention, leading to less watering of plant materials. 


Get to know your lawn and how often your grass needs to be watered. Typically, the average Texas lawn only needs about an inch of water per week depending on sunlight and weather conditions. But the best way to start out when watering your grass is to start off by watering a short amount of time and only adding time if large areas of damaged or dried-out grass appear. 

Drought Map and Water Restrictions

Be aware and become familiar with droughts and water restrictions that might be occurring in your area. Knowing this information can better help you prepare for the actions that need to happen. 

Know What You Are Planting

Becoming aware of what special care your plants require during the summer, can save you time and money. As summer can be extremely hot, you do not want to over-water nor under-water your plant material. Adding just the right amount of water at just the right time, is the key to a healthy summer lawn.