Most properties unknowingly will waste up to 50% of their irrigation water

We Help You Save Water and Money

"We immediately started effecting savings and the return on investment proved very quick. I'd like to buy real estate where I can get a return in 6 months!"
E.D. Wulfe

President and Principal, Wulfe & Co.

Water rates are sky-rocketing across the U.S. and are increasing annually.

We Help You Save Water and Money

Bill Goeke

CPM, Senior Vice President/Director, Weingarten Realty
"Weingarten Realty has had WaterLogic's smart-water technology installed on several properties since 2006. We experienced tremendous success at those sites, and we have now rolled it out to forty more locations across the country. WaterLogic is helping Weingarten Realty to conserve water, cut operating costs and enhance our "green" initiatives."

Wasting irrigation water is not only costly…it is the wrong thing to do

We Help You Save Water and Money

"What makes WaterLogic unique is the fact that those controllers are checking the weather station on an hourly basis. And with the size of our community, we can have a significant amount of rainfall on the north side and none on the south side. Knowing what is happening at each of the controller locations will allow us to be better stewards of the water."

Sandy Denton, CMCA, LSM, PCAM

General Manager, Sienna Residential Association

Professional Water Conservation Specialist Take the Guess Work Out…

And Bring The Science In.

The individuals who are operating your landscape irrigation system potentially has three strikes against them:

  • They are involved in many aspects of your property other than the irrigation water management and therefore it is not a priority for them.
  • They are simply using their “best guess” of future weather patterns to set and operate the irrigation system.
  • They never see your water bill and have no idea of how much water they are using and more importantly, how much of your money they are spending.

By its very nature, the lack of professional irrigation water management and weather based technology causes significant over-watering and substantial water waste, as well as “throwing away” your money by paying for water when it is not necessary.


WaterLogic is proud of its 97% client retention rate….and after 15 years we are still serving our very first customer!

Reduce your water bill

For over fifteen years WaterLogic’s clients have saved on average 40% of their annual water expenses

Conserve water

WaterLogic helps its clients reach their sustainability goals…it is the right thing to do

Enhance your landscape investment

The right amount of water at the right time creates a healthier landscape and protects your landscape investment

budgetary savings

You will be able to make important property improvements with the budgetary savings WaterLogic creates

Increase your Property value

Sales prices on properties are much higher because of the cash flow achieved with the water savings

Be a hero

Fiduciarily and environmentally…you are doing the right thing


Quality landscape firms recognize the value of professional water management services and working together with WaterLogic.

"I consider WaterLogic as a partner in helping me provide my clients with the best service possible. I recommend their Water Management Service all the time...because it works!"

Matt Redlinger
Owner/President, Groundskeepers, Inc.

"I really believe that WaterLogic's Water Management Service provides a very affordable layer of protection for my firm and for my client's landscapes. No other company has the professional water management personnel, with the decades of expertise and experience that WaterLogic possesses. They are top notch!"

Gary P. Moss
Owner/President, Moss Landscaping

"I find that working with WaterLogic is extremely easy and helpful. They are constantly monitoring our irrigation systems and proactively notifying us of any issues before they become a problem. This is so crucial to the health of the landscapes and to keeping our clients happy!"

John Kelly
Landscape Management Director, Terra Management Services

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