WaterLogic’s client list is the Who’s Who of the real estate industry, with a strong foundation of clients in the commercial real estate world that includes office buildings, retail centers, financial institutions, multifamily properties, senior living facilities, healthcare facilities, schools, universities, churches and other religious institutions.

WaterLogic has also created a thriving and unique professional niche, providing water management services to master planned communities (including many of the largest in the State of Texas), Homeowners associations (HOAs) and municipal utility districts (MUDs). WaterLogic’s goal is to provide its clients with on-going, high touch, professional water management services that saves them significant sums of money and conserves substantial amounts of water.

Headquartered in Houston, WaterLogic works across the country with its clients and their properties.

















In 1972, in Houston, WaterLogic’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Charles Racusin formed a commercial landscape company in Houston, Texas. He dedicated himself to building a large and extremely successful landscape firm, that day in and day out, performed the highest quality of work. In doing so, the firm won more national, state and local awards than any other landscape company in the nation.

In those days, no one was concerned about conserving irrigation water because it was plentiful and inexpensive. By the mid 1990’s, Racusin noticed how much water was wasted on many of the commercial properties his firm managed on an annual basis. At that juncture, smart-water technology was very expensive and somewhat limited, but feeling strongly about the need to conserve and seeing the beginning of a trend of irrigation water management, he decided to enter the business.

He purchased a pioneering irrigation water management firm in the northwest U.S. that had clients primarily in Washington State and Oregon. His clients included the City of Seattle Parks Department, Lewis and Clark College, Nike’s world headquarters, Hewlett Packard’s headquarters and even the home and estate of Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

He ultimately sold the company to the employees and learned a valuable lesson from that experience, which is that no smart irrigation technology will ever be as easy as “set it and forget it” and that the most important component of a successful irrigation water management program is an on-going, professional management service.

In 2002 he founded WaterLogic with two ideas in mind…the primary purpose to provide professional irrigation water management service to its clients and the second is to use various smart technologies as simply a tool to help achieve the desired results.

The smart technology tools have developed and changed over the years, but the “secret sauce” to achieving the desired results has always been and continues to be the professional water management service WaterLogic provides.

Since 2002, WaterLogic has grown its client base and is proudly still servicing its very first customer!

WaterLogic has achieved a spectacular 97% client retention rate…because it’s professional water management services work and get incredible results.